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Audits & Assessments

Audits are systematic way of determining how effectively are we performing comparing to national & international standards or to a benchmark level. To determine the effectiveness of the management system being implemented a planned and unbiased exercises is required to established. Internal audits help the organization to determine how far we are complying towards the requirements and most importantly the areas of improvement.

For established suppliers & subcontractors it may also be a need to have confidence over the processes and system. For Again, audits can be performed to determine how effectively are your suppliers and subcontractors are able to meet your requirements and should there be a need for any specific subject to be investigated that could potential impact your business.

To know how your end customers are being provided information about your product and what strategies are being implemented by your marketing team or retailers, and also to get an actual complete feedback from the product users, a mystery audit will help you. This will be helping you to determine how your dealers & retailers are treating your customers and how satisfied are your end customers using your products and services.

Before selecting a supplier or subcontractor we may be in need to check and see if they could be considered to be your approved suppliers and subcontractors. A complete assessment before awarding the project to your supplier and subcontractors will help you determine any current issues they are facing and also potential risk for you to consider and plan accordingly. 

We effectively provide internal audits, external audits, supplier audits & assessments and also mystery audits.

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